Top 5 Natural Period Pain and Anxiety Relievers…

“Top 5 Natural Period Pain and Anxiety Relievers…”  is sponsored by Khapregesic® [ka-pra-geez-ic] a new natural pain reliever. Combining plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.

by Caroline Robertson ND AMS, Clinical Naturopath & Ayurveda Practitioner

Menstruation process explained…

Period pain and anxiety are a monthly menace for many women. To help out, diet can do a lot to ease and even eliminate menstrual miseries. Rather than letting ‘the curse’ cramp your lifestyle you can sidestep suffering with a supportive diet, supplements, and lifestyle.

Irregular periods, pain, poor sleep, flooding, sore breasts and mood swings are some of the hormone hassles women endure. This is confirmed in the Journal of Pain Research that reveals 84% of younger women experience debilitating period pain every month [1].

Pain drugs like ibuprofen and paracetamol don’t address the underlying cause of these complaints. Therefore, for lasting relief it is important to address all areas involved.

Not surprisingly, the whole body is involved in the period process – the endocrine glands stimulate hormone secretion, the adrenal glands assist in hormone manufacture, the liver helps to break them down and the musculo-skeletal system with the gastrointestinal system assist in their elimination.

Recognising the interplay of all these factors acknowledges that menstrual health is reliant on quality of life. Menstrual treatment requires assessing all aspects including nutrition, habits, stress, and supplements.


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Use Food and Herbs as Medicine for Period Pain and Anxiety

Well-being blossoms when we eat well, digest well and excrete well. To help this process, new natural supplements such as the herb khaya[2] have reported amazing results in recent clinical case studies, but first try these five food based suggestions:

one > try to reduce cramping pain

Have colon cleansing high fibre cuisine to pull the excess estrogen from your body. This will help to empty your bowels daily. On the contrary we find that blocked or slow-moving bowels increase IBS, bloating and cramping during periods. Therefore it is wise to reduce low fibre carbs such as white bread, pastry and pasta.

Increase high fibre legumes, wholegrains, prunes, apples, pears, kiwifruit, figs, greens, rhubarb, sweet potatoes and soaked chia seeds. We should also hydrate with at least one litre pure, warm or room temperature water daily. Increase your water intake if sweating.

If you’re bowels are still sluggish try 1 Tbs flaxseed or EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) after dinner for a smooth daily evacuation.

two > help with anxiety may be here

Dairy and meat are high fat/low fibre which can cause constipation and increase estrogen. On the other hand, a study published in Obstetrics & Gynaecology showed a low-fat, vegan diet significantly reduced pain and PMS for many women[3].

You don’t have to go vegan, but fasting from red meat and dairy during your period can help. It can also help to supplement with essential fatty acids from fresh oily fish such as salmon, linseed oil, fish oil supplements, EVOO or evening primrose oil to reduce period pain and anxiety symptoms.

three > monitor stress and fatigue

Irregular meals can cause fluctuating blood sugar levels which increase irritability, stress and fatigue related to PMS.

Enjoy regular meals eaten at the same time daily with low GI fibre.

four > reduce reduce reduce reduce

Reduce these foods for regular periods and most importantly reducing them helps to reduce period pain and anxiety associated with menstruation:

  • salt increases bloating,
  • alcohol weakens the liver’s hormone clearing capacity,
  • sugar feeds mood swings, weight gain and low level inflammation,
  • fizzy drinks also tend to increase bloating, and
  • most fast food contains trans fats that elevate estrogen.

five > minerals = reduced period pain cramping

Increase muscle relaxing minerals calcium and magnesium to curb cramps. As a result, calcium has also been shown to reduce anxiety and depression associated with PMS.

Dark chocolate, avocado, nuts, leafy greens and bananas are rich magnesium sources. We also find that dark sugar-free chocolate with more than 70% cacao increases the happy hormone serotonin due to its phenylalanine content.

For calcium choose chia seeds, tahini, sardines, salmon, figs, almond milk and greens.

Most of all remember to reduce sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks[4] as they all increase magnesium and calcium extraction from the body.

New Natural Supplement for Period Pain and Anxiety Relief

If a diet change is beyond your busy schedule, hundreds of women are now using a new 100% natural khaya supplement called Khapregesic® for period pain and anxiety relief. It has also been found to assist with deeper sleep and to curb to gut inflammation and IBS symptoms caused by too much sugar. 

Khapregesic® has been shown in clinical tests to alleviate period pain and PMS symptoms, including anxiety, in less than 30 minutes for most women[5].

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2) Khaya can be found in the supplement Khapregesic® for Period Pain.

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4) Its the phosphoric acid in fizzy drinks that can increase magnesium and calcium excretion

5) Anecdotal evidence from clinical case studies and customer reviews 

Important notice:

If you or someone you know are experiencing severe pain in the abdominal region or severe anxiety or panic attacks for any reason, please see your GP or a healthcare professional without delay. If you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant consult your healthcare professional before using any supplement containing khaya senegalensis. 


Khapregesic® [ka-pra-geez-ic] is the non-drug alternative for a range of menstrual related pains and PMS symptoms. Khapregesic® combines plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.