Our beautiful customers have spoken so we’ve made it… 

  1. easier to say:a new name’ – to be revealed in 2022!’
  2. easier to use: slim pack, pop out a tablet from a card & easier to keep in your bag.
  3. easier to buy: buy individual packs or choose a subscription so it arrives each month on time.

why rename

Simply, this is too important for humanity.

Hundreds of our community members keep telling us that with no period pain & PMS,
they no longer need to take days off from work or study.

Research confirms that, “Absenteeism from those who suffer severe period pain every
month is the biggest impediment to economic equality.” [7].

The khapregesic formula has the real opportunity to
improve gender equality outcomes globally.

Gender Equality is a fundamental human right and
a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and
sustainable world.
[6] United Nations Sustainability Goal 5.

Time for period pain complacency is over – this is a serious global problem
affecting every economy on earth. S
tudies confirm that over 1 billion people
world-wide need to use pain medication every month for severe period pain.[7]

Our community is building something inspirational, something life changing for humanity – join us today.

Clare Fogarty and Rick Ferdinands
Co-founders, Khapregesic

[6] UN Sustainable Development Goal 5
[7] Studies confirm that close to 90% of women of reproductive age experience Period Pain. Of these women it is estimated that half, 1.3 billion, or 15% of global populations [8],[9] require medication for severe period pain and pre-menstrual symptoms [10], with many forced to take days off from education and paid employment.
[8] A study in the Journal of Pain Research indicates that 55% of young women have an association between menstrual pain and the need for medication.
[9] A study in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner Journal indicates 58% of young women have an association between menstrual pain and the need for medication.
[10] Severe pre-menstrual symptoms can manifest in many forms such as: discomfort from bloating, painful breast tissue, shivers, back pain and brain fog, just to mention a few.
[11] Helping others covers the full spectrum of ages and conditions from first period issues with teens and their mothers, pain issues with working mothers, and sharing peri and post menopausal life challenges with women my own age.   Khapregesic is relieving symptoms from the entire menstrual cycle for many people, inclusive of period pain, mid-cycle ovulation pain, the pain from endometriosis, endo post-surgery recovery, adenomyosis, poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and many other reproductive and hormonal issues.   We offer educational IGTV videos, blogs and posts on topics from diet and exercise to mindfulness, all focused on reducing the painful effects of the entire menstrual cycle all the way through to menopause and beyond.