Solving the IBS Riddle – Triggers you can easily remove

A simple explanation from Gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan may have your IBS covered. “Eliminate your gut triggers” is what Robynne advises us to do*.

Robynne’s 3 easy steps to controlling our IBS-C (constipation type) and IBS-D (diarrhea type) start with eliminating triggers. For most of us these are to remove two things: processed carbohydrates (try going gluten free), and diary (try almond, soy or coconut milk instead).

Secondly, get our breakfast right, for IBS-C eat oats and for IBS-D eat stewed apple and cinnamon.

Thirdly, increase synbiotics, that is, pro-biotics (our good bacteria), PLUS and most importantly, increase pre-biotics.

New generation pre-biotics such as cinnamon will result in an increase in good bacteria numbers, improved nutrient absorption from high anti-oxidant levels and decreased inflammation levels as cinnamon is a natural gut anti-inflammatory.**

If Dr. Chutkan’s synbiotic mix of carrots, asparagus, onions & salt isn’t to your liking, some of the new generation pre-biotic based treatments, high in anti-oxidants and rich in anti-inflammatory factors may be a better alternative, it’s up to you^.

^Read about BioActive’s pre-biotic based treatment for Period Pain where some girls with IBS have found relief.

*Want to read Dr Chutkan’s article? Click here

**Want the pre-biotic report? Read the full study here