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Are your insides driving you crazy?

Do you struggle to keep focus because of the spasms & cramps?

Unfortunately, this feeling of stress and pain has become the norm. Our modern lifestyle has affected the balance of our most primal organ – our gut.

Do you remember a time when you went to bed feeling thrilled with achievements of the day, and brimming with optimism about tomorrow? Rediscover the way life should be…

The khapregesic® botanical, Khaya senegalensis, is Australian grown, certified organic, TGA approved & traditionally used in herbal medicine to:

1. Relieve practitioner-diagnosed IBS Pain & Inflammation,

2. Relieve Menstrual Pain caused by Spasms & Cramps,

3. Boost energy levels – say goodbye to constant Fatigue.

Khapregesic® is high in anti-oxidants to improve nutrient absorption & contains pre-biotics as micro-nutrients to feed good gut bacteria.*

Khapregesic® is all natural, free from allergens & no added flavouring, colours or preservatives and proudly Australian made.

Get ready to enjoy the best days of your life.

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