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Pain relief

Can the COX-2 inhibitors in Khapregesic® work as fast as Pharmacy drugs?

What day of my cycle should I take Khapregesic®?

Is the Analgesic pain relief in Khapregesic® sedating or energising?

Patient reaction to Khapregesic®: “I don’t know where the pain went, this is weird.”

How does Khapregesic® compare. Natural products verse pharmacy drug options?

What herb is best for pain?

endometriosis | PCOS

Does Khapregesic® work for Endometriosis?
Naturopath Jade Walker reviews Khapregesic®
full video on Instagram @jadewalkerhealth )  

Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Clinical Case Discussion

Gut Brain Axis | anxiety | microbiome | neurotransmitters

Does Khapregesic® work for Anxiety?
70% of clinical trial participants experienced anxiety relief.

The Enteric Nervous System.
Can Khapregesic® influence neurotransmitter production?

Does Khapregesic® improve gut function and is it preferable to NSAIDs or the Pill?

How can Khapregesic® help in the promotion of good gut flora and a healthy microbiome?

Post-menopausal | PCOS

Can Khapregesic® provide any benefit in post-menopausal women?

Clinical Case Study
Post-menopausal Patient

Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Clinical Case Discussion

arthritis | Energy and Libido | Alert and Focus

Can Khapregesic® help Arthritis?
A Practitioner Case Study

Mental Focus & Libido
Can men benefit from Khapregesic®?

Can men be more alert & energetic with Khapregesic®?

technical library

This is a collection of technical documents and articles provided for Practitioner download only.

Download: Technical Reference: Khapregesic for Period Pain

Download: Technical Article: Period Pain with bowel spasm, is it dietary or ‘hidden’ Endometriosis?

Download: Australian Natural Therapists Association – Technical Article: Discover Khaya, Fast Natural Relief for Period Pain and PMS

Download: Australian Traditional Medicine Society – Technical Article: Khaya senegalensis: The period pain reliever

Please note: Whilst Practitioner supervised Clinical Case Studies and extensive Traditional Medicine evidence exists in the treatment of pain and inflammatory symptoms and disorders, modern multi-patient double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials are yet to be completed. All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and reviews are from actual customer feedback.