Khapregesic® Practitioner Reviews

“How does Khapregesic compare to other herbs & pharmacy drugs?” 

“I think Khapregesic can be revolutionary for a lot of people…”

Caroline & Clare, Naturopaths / Sydney

“It’s having some really significant pain reductions in my patients…” 

Patient response, “I don’t know where the pain went, this is weird!”

Jade & Karen, Naturopaths / @jadewalkerhealth @karen_saunders_naturopathy Melbourne

 “…Khapregesic helps with period pain without side effects…

Many practitioners are now prescribing Khapregesic to their patients. This review is from a GP who was asked this question,”Did you have any success with your patient trials?

Their answer:

“Yes, Khapregesic helps with period pain without side effects which is great.

GP / Victoria

“…it’s wonderful to be able to offer a natural alternative that really works.” 

“Many of my patients would prefer a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines or to being put on the pill…”

Caroline & Clare, Naturopaths / Sydney

“How does Khapregesic compare to other herbs?” 

“Khapregesic has dual actions across the board, it’s really safe, sustainable, and grown in Australia…”

Jade Walker BHSc, Naturopathy / @jadewalkerhealth / Melbourne

“Khapregesic is an analgesic, but it does NOT make you drowsy.” 

“You can take it for pain and still have that calm clear energy…”

Caroline & Clare, Naturopaths / Sydney


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