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Khapregesic® Technical Overview

Khapregesic® Overview

Khapregesic® [kap-pre-jee-sic] is the non-drug alternative for a range of menstrual pains and PMS symptoms. It relieves period pain and anxiety naturally.

An all-natural organic supplement grown and made in Australia.

Clinically tested to reduce cramping pain, reduce pre-menstrual anxiety, boost energy, aid sleep and help to balance the microbiome with naturally occurring prebiotics.

“Usually on my period I experience a lot of cramping and bloating and makes me feel really sluggish, but whilst taking Khapregesic I notice I didn’t really get any of that at all and it didn’t even feel as though I had my period.”, Genevieve


Khapregesic® is shown in clinical tests to give high-level Abdominal Pain Relief with additional benefits to Calm Mild Anxiety and Improve Focus. Many people report relief from menstrual joint pain and mild arthritis associated with menopause. View more practitioner insights here.


Khapregesic® Origins

The active ingredient comes from a traditional medicine herb called Khaya senegalensis.

Our trees are the only Certified Organic medicinal khaya trees in the world. The oldest trees are celebrating being on the planet for over 20 years.

The location in Australia’s tropical north represents the cleanest and most pristine agricultural region on earth. Preserved in a privately-owned nature park, the environmental team has researched and developed sustainable harvest methods leaving the trees to grow naturally.

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Learn more on the origins of Khaya senegalensis

Khapregesic® Properties

Active ingredient: Khaya Senegalensis (Khapregesic® fast-acting formula).

Clinically tested to provide fast-acting period pain and PMS symptom relief.

92% of patients reported some level of pain relief with 20% experiencing complete relief on average within half an hour.

100% Organic and Plant-based, suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. 

Khapregesic® contains a unique combination of high anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving factors, high anti-oxidant levels to aid gut-cell repair, and prebiotics to feed our gut bacteria. 

Anti-Oxidant levels outstrip Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

Fast-acting Pain Relief is reported on average within half an hour.

It is comparable in strength and speed to many pharmacy drug options.

Microbiome Balance

The evidence for Khapregesic® points to a botanical that eliminates ‘bad’ bacteria (2-5,12,23) and fosters an environment where ‘good’ bacteria can thrive. It does this by providing protective anti-inflammatory and extremely high antioxidant activity (3,9) together with ‘good’ gut bacteria food in the form of prebiotics. (22).

Red Spectrum of Plants for Brain Health

Khapregesic® active ingredient Khaya is in the red spectrum of polyphenol plants which science has proven can suppress neuro-inflammation, promote memory, learning and cognitive functions. Studies show that the “compounds act to improve neuronal plasticity” via “an increase of cerebral blood flow”[4]. Customers report anxiety relief and brain improvement. These are key to the overall benefits that Khapregesic® provides.

No added artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

Khapregesic® does not contain gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts and yeast. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly for complete peace of mind. 

Khapregesic® Usage

Directions for use

Start taking Khapregesic® 2-3 days before your period to ease PMS symptoms such as anxiety, bloating, brain fog, etc.

Then take Khapregesic® for a further 4-5 days when your period starts (7 days all up) to ease cramping pain.

Most people take 1 Khapregesic® in the morning to set up their day & 1 in the evening for better sleep. 

Symptoms have been reported to ease within half an hour on average.

Always refer to the bottle and if symptoms persist talk to your health professional. 

Usage conditions

Khapregesic® has been approved for use in Australia by the TGA  as a safe listed medicine that can be bought over the counter or online.

For a full set of directions always refer to the bottle and if symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

Side effects

No side effects have been reported from clinical case studies, customers or from over 100 years of documented traditional use. If in doubt always talk to your health professional or contact us for more information.  







Australian Khaya Plantation 

Certified Organic Sustainable Harvest