Our Story, the Science…

Rick Ferdinands
Co-founder & CEO

After 10 years of scientific research in plant science, medicines and process engineering, we’ve gone beyond the laboratory, beyond regulatory approvals and beyond clinical testing, to now having hundreds of consumers experiencing the natural fast-acting benefits of Khapregesic®. 

We are disrupting the global pain market having developed the world’s first fast-acting natural drug-free pain reliever.

True disruption occurs when multiple disciplines collide, creating something new and outstanding.  Our goal to create quality natural medicines backed by science has gone beyond our wildest dreams. 

It’s no accident that the majority of our scientific team over the years have been female. That gender influence, to seek out innovation, led to the successful breakthrough in treating severe period pain.

Khapregesic® has been developed from the ground up. We grow the medicinal trees and have been fortunate to collaborate with some of the finest scientific minds. The years of research started with exploring plant genetics and ground water interaction largely with the CSIRO.

We then invented harvest technology to allow the trees to thrive post-harvest. This gave us a sustainable and renewable natural resource. As there is no need to cut down our trees, we continue to store carbon for the benefit of the planet.
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In parallel our team of bio-chemists discovered medicinal properties and active compounds in collaboration with some of the world’s preeminent scientists from Griffith University in Queensland, Southern Cross University in New South Wales and the University of Western Australia. We’ve never been short on scientific talent and mentors.

Understanding the physical characteristics of the plant combined with the medicinal properties, our process engineers adopted advanced methods to create processing technology that would ensure a ‘whole’ medicine (not an extract) was created with the sole objective to be fast-acting.

The breakthrough occurred in clinical testing and continues with hundreds of consumers experiencing the natural fast-acting benefits of Khapregesic®. 

I thank our people, especially my co-founder Clare Fogarty and her team. I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the years. I look forward to continuing our mission of transforming lives by reclaiming vitality and energy naturally.

Rick Ferdinands
Co-founder & CEO, Khapregesic®


95% COX-2 inhibition

Anti-inflammatory marker COX-2 inhibitory score

Exceptionally high Antioxidant levels

ABTS Radical score of 95%

Natural Prebiotics

Polyphenol-rich to feed our gut bacteria & produce better levels of vital neurotransmitters

Clinical Case Study Patient Highlights
  • 92% experience abdominal pain relief
  • 70% Experienced anxiety relief

Khapregesic®  is TGA approved. Patients also reported a significant improvement in sleep patterns, improvement in gut-related symptoms such as bloating, IBS and diarrhoea plus improved energy and focus.

Opioid Receptor Stimulation

Laboratory studies investigated extracts of both the leaf and bark demonstrated that oral administrations results in significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects through significant antinociceptive activity. Studies suggest that this effect is mediated through stimulation of opioid receptors.


The Natural Therapist

Technical Article Published 2020

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TGA approved, the lost traditional medicine plant Khaya senegalensis is polyphenol-rich with ideal wellness characteristics:

1. High Anti-inflammatory and Pain-relieving factors to calm an inflamed gut, 
2. High Antioxidant levels to aid gut-cell repair, and 
3. Natural Prebiotics to feed good gut-bacteria & encourage better levels of vital neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. 

Clinical testing of the Khaya senegalensis formula, Khapregesic® backs up traditional medicine and scientific claims of efficacy for several modern health complaints.

The khaya used in these medicines is Australian Certified Organic and sustainably grown in Australia’s Tropical North, the most pristine agricultural region on earth. All products are 100% processed in Australia under GMP in TGA licensed facilities.

Our purity credentials are impeccable. From the certified organic khaya, Khapregesic® is free from artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives and any animal by-products making it vegan-friendly. These khaya formulations have also minimised allergic reactions by excluding gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts, and yeast.

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