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Jeff Leach

Advisory Chair, Pharmacy Group Founder

Jeff is a very active shareholder of Bioactive and a promoter of Khapregesic® with a depth of pharmacy industry knowledge and a network to match with an influence spanning over 60% of pharmacies in Australia.  

He has been involved in retailing since 1968. He has consulted to the retail sector and developed property, alone and with partners for the past 50 years. He was instrumental in establishing the 30 store strong Friendlies Pharmacy group, which was sold to HBF. Jeff’s current business activities include:

Jeff retains an interest in a number of pharmacies, employing 150 people. Jeff is also passionate about working in the community to address social and health issues that are close to his heart. A past president of the Rotary Club of Perth and an active member of Variety, Jeff is currently:


Australian NATURAL THERAPIST Journal

The Natural Therapist

Technical Article Published 2020

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Australian Natural Therapists Association reviews Khapregesic®

‘The Natural Therapist’ is the journal of the peak practitioner organisation, the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

TGA approved, the lost traditional medicine plant Khaya senegalensis is profiled for its polyphenol-rich wellness characteristics:

1. High anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving factors to calm an inflamed gut, 
2. High antioxidant levels to aid gut-cell repair, and 
3. Prebiotics to feed ‘good’ gut-bacteria. 

Clinical testing of the Khaya senegalensis formula, Khapregesic® backs up traditional medicine and scientific claims of efficacy for several modern health complaints.

The khaya used in these medicines is Australian Certified Organic and sustainably grown in Australia’s Tropical North, the most pristine agricultural region on earth. All products are 100% processed in Australia under GMP in TGA licensed facilities.

Our purity credentials are impeccable. From the certified organic khaya, Khapregesic® is free from artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives and any animal by-products making it vegan-friendly. These khaya formulations have also minimised allergic reactions by excluding gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts, and yeast.

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