Living with Endometriosis

“Surgery Anxiety with Brook”

Not talked about enough, Brook opens up about anxiety around her Endo surgery. Pre-surgery, Post-surgery and a mental health plan that made all the difference. Golden nuggets of priceless information on mental health for anyone wanting to face their severe period pain head on and investigate the surgery option.
Like Brook all the interviewees in this series have one wish – to spread the word to fellow endo sufferers, to ease the anxiety, to bridge the first hand information gap.

IGTV Series 4 Part 4 Endo with Brook – Watch & Share FREE

This interview features, Naturopath Jade Walker BHSc with patient Brook.

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Episode 1 – Brook’s Pre-Surgery Anxiety

Episode 2 – Hospital/Health Anxiety – make sure you tell your nurses

Episode 3 – Endo Post-Surgery try to get your gut back on track.

Episode 4 – Unsure about a drug you’re prescribed post-surgery, best to see your GP

Episode 5 – Brook’s Post-Surgery Holistic Care Plan

Episode 6 – Supporting Endo Surgery with a Mental Health Plan


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