Living with Endometriosis

“Multiple surgeries & a positive outlook with Kass”

Kass’ journey with Endo is nothing but typical. Misdiagnosis, fainting with pain and many surgeries, but Kass is different. She has endured this difficult life journey with a smile and a positive outlook for a brighter future. Her story will surprise you, it will amaze you and most of all it will inspire you to search for the truth. Your personal truth about Endometriosis.
Like Kass all the interviewees in this series have one wish – to spread the word to fellow endo sufferers, to ease the anxiety, to bridge the first hand information gap.

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This interview features, Naturopath Jade Walker BHSc with patient Kass.

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Episode 1 – Kass has a surprise Endo diagnosis. Mum’s take note…

Episode 2 – Double Surgery in 3 days. Smiling Kass is a true inspiration…

Episode 3 – Endo Post-Surgery recovery, always longer than you think!!

Episode 4 – “Go on the Pill” vs. Educate your self first…

Episode 5 – The use of Pain Drugs vs. Khapregesic and other natural pain relieving methods

Living with Endometriosis

Multiple surgeries & a positive outlook with Kass

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E1 – Surprise Endo Diagnosis  |  E2 – Double Surgery in 3 days  |  E3 – Endo Surgery Recovery  | E4 – The Pill vs Learning more  | E5 – Pain Drugs vs. Khapregesic 



Please note: All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and the reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback over several years. Khapregesic® is a TGA approved OTC (over the counter) medication for a variety of women’s health issues including severe period pain and severe menopausal symptoms that may be caused by conditions such as endometriosis. Khapregesic® has undergone extensive practitioner supervised Clinical Testing and with documented Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years is the preferred safe and natural alternative for hundreds of women everywhere.