Living with Endometrosis

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Interview of the week – CLICK HERE – “Multiple Surgeries & a Positive Outlook with Kass”

Dedicated to Endo sufferers world-wide, four totally different stories from Lana, Kass, Bridget and Brook, interviewed by Woman’s Health Practitioner and fellow Endo sufferer Jade Walker BHSc.

View and share this important IGTV interview series with your friends, with your parents, with your partner. We hope this series will kick-start more conversations around severe period pain and Endometriosis.  

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Series 4 – “Living with Endometriosis – Post-Surgery Care”

Series 3 – “The Dangers of Frequent Pain Medication Use”

Series 2 – “How Gluten can affect you Hormones”

Series 1 – “Natural Pain Relief Options”



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