“How Gluten can affect your Hormones”

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This interview features, Women’s Health Naturopaths Jade Walker & Lynn Joels. Lynn is a sports specialist practitioner and Jade is an Endometriosis specialist.

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Episode 1 – Why does gluten sensitivity seem more prevalent these days?

Episode 2 – Why can I eat bread in Europe but not in Australia?

Episode 3 – How does gluten affect sex hormones, mother hormones, & others?

Episode 4 – Can gluten stop your periods & affect your fertility?

Episode 5 – Does gluten cause a ‘leaky gut’?

Episode 6 – Can gluten cause mal-absorption of nutrients?

Episode 7 – Will going gluten-free repair my gut lining?

Episode 8 – Should I give up gluten and dairy together?

Episode 9 – Gluten & Khapregesic® is it too early to tell?

Episode 10 – Testing for gluten – blood test or genetic test?

Episode 11 – Is it just Gluten Sensitivity OR Coeliac Disease?

“How Gluten can affect your Hormones”

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E1 – Growth of Gluten Sensitivity    |    E2 – Gluten: Aust vs. Europe    |    E3 – Sex Hormones…    |    E4 – Gluten, Fertility & stopped Periods      E5 – Does Gluten cause Leaky Gut      E6 – Nutrient Mal-absorption    |    E7 – Does Gluten-free = Gut Repair      E8 – Allergens: Gluten & Dairy      E9 – Gluten & Khapregesic® – too early to tell?    |    E10 – How to Test for Gluten Sensitivity    |    E11 – Is it Gluten Sensitivity or Coeliac Disease?    |



Please note: All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and the reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback over several years. Khapregesic® is a TGA approved OTC (over the counter) medication for a variety of women’s health issues including severe period pain and severe menopausal symptoms that may be caused by conditions such as endometriosis. Khapregesic® has undergone extensive practitioner supervised Clinical Testing and with documented Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years is the preferred safe and natural alternative for hundreds of women everywhere.