“Natural Pain Relief Options”

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This series features Naturopath Jade Walker. Jade is a Women’s Health specialist with a special interest in Endometriosis. Filmed to celebrate Women’s Health Week.

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Episode 1 – Is Period Pain normal, are we addressing the root cause?

Episode 2 – How to get a definitive diagnosis for Endometriosis?

Episode 3 – Gut Health, Nervous System Calming & Khapregesic®?

Episode 4 – Gut irritation: NSAIDs vs Khapregesic®?

Episode 5 – Natural Pain Relief – other herbs vs Khapregesic®?

Episode 6 – Is the herb in Khapregesic® approved by the regulators & harvested sustainably?

Episode 7 – “Khapregesic® has saved my life…” live customer feedback!

Episode 8 – Why is dairy bad and what are some alternatives to dairy?

Episode 9 – Can a Leaky Gut and an imbalance of gut bacteria make my Endometriosis worse?

Episode 10 – Prebiotics – What are they and why are they SO important?

Episode 11 – What vitamins and minerals should I take to reduce my Gut Inflammation?

“Natural Pain Relief Options”

Celebrating Women’s Health Week

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E1 – Is Period Pain normal?    |    E2 – How to diagnose Endo?    |    E3 – Gut health & Calming Nervous System    |    E4 – NSAIDs vs Khapregesic®       E5 – Other herbs vs Khapregesic®      E6 – Khapregesic® Approval & Sustainable    |    E7 – Life saving – Live Customer feedback      E8 – Dairy, why is it bad and some alternatives      E9 – Can Leaky gut make Endo worse?    |    E10 – Prebiotics, why they are so important    |    E11 – What Vitamins and minerals are good for Gut Inflammation?    |



Please note: All references are actual practitioner accounts of individual patients and the reviews on this website are from actual customer feedback over several years. Khapregesic® is a TGA approved OTC (over the counter) medication for a variety of women’s health issues including severe period pain and severe menopausal symptoms that may be caused by conditions such as endometriosis. Khapregesic® has undergone extensive practitioner supervised Clinical Testing and with documented Traditional Medicine evidence over hundred’s of years is the preferred safe and natural alternative for hundreds of women everywhere.