Sex Discrimination Pioneer

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Sex Discrimination in the work place

Imagine a world where you could be sacked for simply becoming married or pregnant at work. Imagine if you couldn’t even get a home loan or were bumped out of a university course simply because you were a woman. 

These things are unthinkable now, but a reality for all women prior to the mid 1980’s. Mums and Grans know that world only too well, ask them about it, start the conversation.  

This is where one of our most celebrated politicians and trailblazers, Susan Ryan, comes into the picture. She opened the world for women’s rights in Australia. 

She was pivotal in the introduction and passage of the Sex Discrimination Act in 1984. Not stopping there Australian working women can also thank her for the Equal Employment Opportunity for Women incorporated in the Affirmative Action Act of 1986.

Susan Ryan’s legacy

Foreign Affairs Minister, Penny Wong, celebrating Susan Ryan’s life in a speech to Parliament [1] after her passing in 2020, aged 77, said, “She could see what Australia needed, and she made it happen. She wasn’t a timeserver; she was a reformer. She brought others with her. She showed us the way.”

“She questioned why everything in personal and public life was arranged for the convenience of men, and why people pretended that even dull men were clever. At the same time, gifted, passionate women were passed over, neglected, and restricted.”

“A woman’s credit rating and earning capacity weren’t enough to get a loan from a bank. She could only secure credit if her husband or her father took responsibility. Landlords refused to rent homes to single mothers.” 

“Community clubs throughout the country were able to bar women. Women were sacked because of their age, marital status, or pregnancy.”

“All of these injustices and inequalities were in the sights of Susan Ryan. She called the Sex Discrimination Act ‘probably the most useful thing I’ve done in my life’.” 

“I think that was a serious understatement. It is hard to imagine life in this country without it or, indeed, an argument against it. Every woman and every girl has benefited from Susan Ryan’s leadership.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese tweeted a tribute to Susan Ryan’s trailblazing work, “Susan Ryan achieved historic firsts — as the first female Labor minister and the first female minister for women. But in a life dedicated to women’s rights and equality, Susan achieved something even bigger — that while she was the first, she would never be the last.”

Finally, former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick said of Susan Ryan, “Without Susan we would not have the Sex Discrimination Act, our key piece of gender equality law”.

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