Community Stories – “I refuse to slow down”

Three Special Women share their stories – Jo Ann, Marina and Tonia

Jo Ann’s Story


Jo Ann is a mother and a PR executive. She also has a long history of Ovarian tumours, cysts, endometriosis and over the last few years (now 46) has begun to experience pre-menopausal symptoms such as migraines.

In 1990 at the age of 16 Jo Ann had her first ovarian cyst/tumour. It remained undiagnosed by doctors for six months as acute gastro. By this time her weight was very low weighing only 41kg fully clothed. In severe pain Jo Ann was finally diagnosed by a Naturopath. She had a suspected cyst on her right ovary and was immediately taken to hospital emergency where a laparoscopy was performed. It was a cyst that had grown to a 16 cm tumour and had wrapped itself around her right ovary. A further operation was performed removing the tumour her entire right ovary and appendix. Her left ovary was saved and was stitched to the wall of her stomach to protect it from the large amount of endometrial bowel adhesions and scarring. 

After 13 years of further pain, missed periods (only about 3 periods per year) Jo Ann became a mother delivering her son in an emergency C section.

Within a year of childbirth Jo Ann was back in surgery having 8 cysts removed from her left ovary and the removal of further endometrial bowel scarring and adhesions while they were operating. Within months she had another tumour removed which was hidden in endometrial bowel adhesions. Advised that her body wasn’t able to take any further operations, Jo Ann has spent the last 12 years in constant pain with endometriosis and cysts but has managed the pain with anti-inflammatories and natural therapy including magnetic therapy and a primarily gluten free / dairy free diet.. until Khapregesic.    

Jo Ann,Since starting to take Khapregesic for Period Pain in May 2019 I have noticed a significant improvement in many areas including the pre-menopausal symptoms and period pain as well as other areas including:

  • No more hot flushes/sweats
  • No more migraines/ if a headache just a headache
  • No more reliance on Nurofen and Panadol Rapid – was often daily
  • Regular bowel movements – used to go from constipation to loose bowels
  • Less anxiety and panic attacks
  • Able to eat wheat when I rarely do without bloating
  • Increased energy / less procrastination

Most importantly when I do not take it as I have run out and may be waiting to order even for a week or so my symptoms return!

Marina’s Story


Marina is a busy working mother and grandmother in her late 50’s. She is now a teacher consultant, University lecturer, and international conference speaker. In her earlier life, she was active, playing netball and working long hours in her profession as a dedicated teacher.

A vicious circle began to appear when she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis over 10 years earlier in her 40’s. The more pain she experienced, the more she relied on pain medication especially NSAIDs like ibuprofen. This became a daily routine and a necessity to her weekly grocery shopping where paracetamol and ibuprofen became almost a food staple. (How many of us can relate to that)

The more Marina relied on ibuprofen the worse her general health became. As her consumption of ibuprofen increased, she noticed there was an increase in food allergies. She is now extremely sensitive to gluten and dairy and her gut health generally had deteriorated with unexplained bouts of diarrhoea then constipation and the accompanying abdominal pains for seemingly no reason.

She also noticed her ability to cope and concentrate was becoming more and more difficult with anxiety playing a big part in her everyday life.

There are two parts to Marina’s story (as she has written in twice now). The first story is Marina’s introduction to Khapregesic, but the second story is what happened after a terrible accident.

Part one – Intro to Khapregesic

In the past few years I’ve increasingly suffered from joint pain associated with osteo-arthritis, particularly in my fingers, neck and shoulders, needing daily doses of ibuprofen for some relief.
Since taking Khapregesic, I noticed almost immediate relief in my fingers and have significantly reduced my need for ibuprofen.

My gut health and levels of energy also seem to have improved so
 I’m feeling less anxious, able to get out for more walks and delighted to be able to keep up with my young, very active grandson.
I would definitely recommend Khapregesic to any other post-menopausal women looking for a plant-based alternative to ease joint pain and increase vitality.”

After using Khapregesic Marina finds that she is now more motivated to eat healthier foods and make time to do regular daily exercise. A healthier cycle has emerged.

Part two – A terrible accident

“I had a minor fall earlier this week, landing quite heavily on both hands and knees, and also felt some jarring in my right shoulder at the time.

As I suffer from osteoarthritis in most of my joints, I have had numerous cortisone injections in both shoulders over the years, and more recently in both hip joints, but was still relying on regular (sometimes daily) doses of ibuprofen to get me through the day, and sleep at night to dull the pain.

However, since taking Khapregesic twice daily for its anti-inflammatory properties, I hardly take ibuprofen and feel so much better, both mentally and physically.

Knowing it is plant-based, I increased the dose of Khapregesic after my fall, anticipating I might be sore with additional muscle pain for a few days. Whilst I still have a huge bruise on my right knee, the good news is that I’ve hardly had any pain or taken any ibuprofen at all since this trauma to my joints occurred five days ago.

Compared to my Pre-Khapregesic days, when I thought ibuprofen was my only option to relieve my ever-increasing discomfort from osteoarthritis, I am happy to have found a natural, plant-based alternative.”

Tonia’s Story


Tonia is quite the exception for her age these days, a mother in her 50’s living a busy lifestyle, up at 5am most days and home again sometimes after 8.00pm.

A high achiever, Tonia studied Classical Ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance from age 4, achieving the award of Solo Seal at 17.

A graduate from the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, Tonia toured nationally and internationally for 11 years with the world renowned Sydney Dance Company. Upon retiring from her professional dancing career, Tonia began freelance teaching. In 1994 she achieved Distinction in the RAD Teaching Certificate. She is now a mentor for the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies and runs her own dance school.

Naturopath Caroline Robertson, “With women who are peri-menopausal and post-menopausal their sleep is heavily affected which affects every other aspect of their lives from fatigue to anxiety. On Khapregesic, Tonia’s energy levels went from a 2 out of 10 to an 8 out of 10, her sleep was better and her anxiety was really allayed.” 

Tonia,“From the moment I took Khapregesic, the next morning, I woke up at about 5am, I got into my day and it wasn’t until the end of the day that I realised I hadn’t had a ‘nanna nap’ and that I’d cruised through my day with plenty of energy.

Disclaimer: These are unedited customer stories that may depict individual usage of Khapregesic as directed by a health professional. Always read the directions on the bottle and follow those directions unless directed by a health professional. As the subject matter in this blog is related to private health conditions of individuals, some of the names have been changed and stock photos may have been used to protect privacy. Practitioners with confidentiality can review source material upon request by first supplying their qualifications.

Australian NATURAL THERAPIST Journal

The Natural Therapist

Technical Article Published 2020

Click here or image to download full article.

Australian Natural Therapists Association reviews Khapregesic®

‘The Natural Therapist’ is the journal of the peak practitioner organisation, the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

TGA approved, the lost traditional medicine plant Khaya senegalensis is profiled for its polyphenol-rich wellness characteristics:

1. High anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving factors to calm an inflamed gut, 
2. High antioxidant levels to aid gut-cell repair, and 
3. Prebiotics to feed ‘good’ gut-bacteria. 

Clinical testing of the Khaya senegalensis formula, Khapregesic® backs up traditional medicine and scientific claims of efficacy for several modern health complaints.

The khaya used in these medicines is Australian Certified Organic and sustainably grown in Australia’s Tropical North, the most pristine agricultural region on earth. All products are 100% processed in Australia under GMP in TGA licensed facilities.

Our purity credentials are impeccable. From the certified organic khaya, Khapregesic® is free from artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives and any animal by-products making it vegan-friendly. These khaya formulations have also minimised allergic reactions by excluding gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts, and yeast.

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