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Mindfulness, 3 tips for you and your cycle.

How mindfulness can help you and your cycle.

Whether it be that you miss a day from work because of cramps or you’ve gone through two pairs of knickers before 10 am, menstruation is stressful, period.

That is why today we wanted to chat a little about mindfulness and how it can help You.

Mindfulness is designed to be all about you. The inner you. It can be a powerful part of your cycle toolkit, alongside the usual hygiene kit and Khapregesic of course!

Anxiety, why now?

“Anxiety, why now?” – sponsored by Khapregesic® [ka-pra-geez-ic] a new natural pain & anxiety reliever. Combining plant-based anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, with prebiotics for a calmer gut and a more balanced microbiome.” Important notice: Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional if your anxiety symptoms are severe or last more than two weeks.  Why am […]