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Severe Period Pain?
Are pain drugs making you sick or not working?
Your TENS machine or patch not enough?

Need a fast-acting, non-drowsy, natural solution?
Reduce pain, anxiety, brain fog & bloating?
Get better sleep & feel better all day?

Come with me, I’ll help you
discover a new you.

Clare Fogarty, Co-founder Khapregesic®

What people are saying to us…

Hannah stopped using
birth control for
severe period pain…

Hannah was so relieved and excited when her Khapregesic worked, she ditched the pill and its side effects for good! 

“In a lot of ways Hannah reminds me of my painful journey. I’m so happy that we can all help each other with Khapregesic. We’re in this together! ”
Clare, Co-Founder, Khapregesic.

Hannah / USA

“…khapregesic reduced my Endo belly swelling, lessened my anxiety & relaxes me to get better sleep.

Falon has endometriosis with pain throughout the whole right side of her body. The ability to function normally during the day and getting a good night’s sleep was lacking in Falon’s life, but not any more… 

Falon / QLD

“Your product saves me every month (I’m not stuck in bed with my period) so I should be thanking you ❤️”

Em started following us on Instagram and like everyone who follows us, we thank them. Here’s what Em had to say after receiving Clare’s thank-you note…

Em / SA

What I found through my patients experience was that Khapregesic® not only relieved period pain cramping but was able to calm mild anxiety and improve sleep.

Caroline Robertson / NSW Naturopathic Clinician

I think the number one effect of Khapregesic® for Period Pain is obviously the pain relief when it actually hits, but the other symptom which I was super surprised about is actually the PMS.

The reduction of symptoms around my PMS, so things like anxiety, depression, the tiredness that I was getting. My mindset was just so much clearer, and I was just able to get things done.

Nicola / Brisbane

It’s the first time in living memory that I didn’t get a migraine before my period. In fact, it was my first pain-free period ever. The only give-away that my period was about to hit was my usual cravings.

Thank you so much you’ve changed my life. I’m so grateful to be functioning normally again after so many years!

Jo / Perth

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Khapregesic features & FAQ’s

Period Pain Relief

PMS Anxiety Relief

100% Natural & Vegan

Better Sleep

Gut Health

Made in Australia

Say it... Khapregesic® - kap-pre-jee-sic

Khapregesic® kap-pre-jee-sic

Your friends are going to ask, how are you so ‘normal’ and happy all the time, then you can tell them kap-pre-jee-sic

What is Khapregesic®?

Khapregesic® [kap-pre-jee-sic] is the non-drug alternative for safe and natural period pain and PMS relief.

A 100% natural certified organic supplement made in Australia from Australian grown Khaya. Read more about Khapregesic®

Does scientific evidence support the use of Khapregesic®?

Yes, scientific and traditional medicine evidence supports the safe use of Khapregesic® [kap-pre-jee-sic] for Period Pain and other related symptoms.

Clinical Studies revealed over 90% of patients experienced abdominal pain relief with 70% reporting anxiety relief.

There was also a significant improvement in sleep patterns, brain fog, energy levels and improvement in gut related symptoms such as bloating.

People experiencing joint pain or back pain related to their menstrual cycle and menopause are also finding relief, with many replacing ibuprofen & paracetamol with Khapregesic®. 

I thought I was taking it for pain, actually it does quite a lot of other stuff… I didn’t realise that my period was coming on that day, where I’d normally feel really tired. I wasn’t tired, I didn’t feel any pain. I don’t think I was grumpy”…laughter… 

Other FAQ's

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The Dangers of Frequent Pain Medication Use

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Practitioner Article – Natural Relief for Period Pain and PMS

TGA approved, the lost traditional medicine plant Khaya senegalensis is polyphenol-rich with targeted wellness characteristics:

1. High Anti-inflammatory and Pain-relieving factors to calm an inflamed gut
2. High Antioxidant levels to aid gut-cell repair
3. Natural Prebiotics to feed good gut-bacteria

Clinical testing of the Khaya senegalensis formula, Khapregesic® backs up traditional medicine and scientific claims of efficacy for several modern health complaints.

The Khaya used in these medicines is Australian Certified Organic and sustainably grown in Australia’s Tropical North, the most pristine agricultural region on earth. All products are 100% processed in Australia under GMP in TGA licensed facilities.

Our purity credentials are impeccable. From the certified organic khaya, Khapregesic® is free from artificial flavouring, colouring, preservatives and any animal by-products making it vegan-friendly. These khaya formulations have also minimised allergic reactions by excluding gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, corn, cereals, eggs, nuts, and yeast.

Please visit our Practitioner Resources Introduction or view our Practitioner Video Library

Practitioner Article – Endometriosis, natural post-surgery care

“Supporting Endometriosis Patients with Natural Post-Surgery Care”

Clinical testing of fast-acting Khapregesic® and now hundreds of customers, many with Endometriosis, support traditional medicine and scientific claims of efficacy for severe period pain and PMS-like symptoms such as bloating, anxiety and brain fog.

The (Khapregesic) tablets have been SO HELPFUL! I’ve used it more than naprogesic. When I finish I’ll deffs (definitely) be buying (more)!” Lauren

My first laparoscopy, I wasn’t aware of Khapregesic. This time, however, Khapregesic was my go-to for pain relief post-surgery. For fellow endo warriors, I would recommend stocking up for flare ups and post-surgery care. Khapregesic now lives in my handbag!” Sarah

Please visit our Practitioner Resources Introduction or view our Practitioner Video Library

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